Zero Gravity Tranquility Massage

Zero Gravity Massage Rochester NY

Alleviate pain and reduce stress with a zero gravity massage

The first question most people want to know is—how is it zero gravity? Firstly, it depends on the chair. Some zero-gravity massage chairs are only called that because they resemble the launch chairs of astronauts. Other chairs are called zero gravity because they are said to produce a sense of weightlessness.

This is why you may notice some chairs listing a zero gravity feature. If it can tilt you to the right position, it can call itself zero gravity.

Zero gravity massage chairs and astronauts

Astronauts are the reason certain massage chairs are called zero gravity massage chairs. When astronauts leave the Earth’s atmosphere they assume a reclined position. This allows the stress of takeoff to be distributed safely around the body.

A zero gravity massage chair places the user in this reclined position,  and this distributes their weight across the massage chair. Which can help to relieve the stress from your body. Once you are in the comfortable position the massaging will begin. And your pain and discomfort will begin to melt away.

Why go to a chiropractor for a zero gravity massage?

You could spend over $8,400 for a decent massage chair, install it near the TV, or in your office, and never need to leave the house. Or, you could join Modern Chiro’s Chiro Club and for as little as $69. With this you could get two chiropractic sessions accompanied by zero gravity tranquility massages.

Our Chiro Club has a range of benefits. The biggest being it is cheaper than any other chiropractor in our area. And you don’t have to make an appointment – if you’re driving past you are welcome to pop in and get a massage.

Just think: it’s been a long day, and you can stop in a stop in and get a zero gravity massage. Feel the stress fall off, and the tension leaves your body with a relaxing massage.

Zero gravity massage from a chiropractor

For the full massage experience, why not visit the professionals trained in comprehensive muscular and skeletal care. The major benefit of visiting a chiropractor for your zero gravity massage is: we can assess your health and determine what your body needs to get the best result. A chiropractor can manipulate and adjust your body to free it up, and then give you a massage to round off the experience.

Zero gravity massage experience

This experience provides a full body massage; as well as your head arms and legs. The Massage uses a variety of techniques targeted to specific parts of your body which ensures your body gets the right treatment for the right area.

If you would like more information, or to join our Chiro Club, contact us today.

Zero Gravity Massage FAQs

A zero gravity massage chair puts you in a position similar to the one in which astronauts sit when they launch into space. The position of the chairlifts your feet and legs over your heart, alleviates stress from your spine, and distributes your weight across the chair. Once you are in this reclined position, the massage will begin.

It is possible to have a full body massage in a zero gravity massage chair. This includes the head, as well as the arms and legs. Each area of the body is massaged with a specific technique best suited to that part of the body.

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