About Us

Meet the Modern Chiropractic team in Rochester NY

Welcome To Modern Chiropractic
We are an innovative Modern Chiropractic facility celebrating our 14th year in business. Located 3 miles south of Eastview Mall we are differentiated in the market with advanced technology that allows for faster pain relief.
We are specialized in all types of musculoskeletal pain relief such as back, neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, and plantar fasciitis pain. Additionally, we have an expertise in Disc & Sciatica pain.  We offer an Advanced Neuropathy Protocol as well as repetitive strain disorders. Functional Medicine is available onsite as well as hospital grade X-Ray for low dose precision in our diagnostics.
Our evidence-based protocols have made us the provider of choice for many local Medical Doctors and Nurses and others seeking quality healthcare and affordable pain relief. We offer the CLASS IV pain relief Laser, Non-Surgical Decompression, and CryoFos.  Also Active Release Soft Tissue Techniques and Advanced Chiropractic adjustments.  Our list of advanced technologies are safe and FDA cleared. Integrity and Efficacy are our founding principles.  Our staff is always professional, courteous and responsive.  We consider it an honor to care for our patient’s needs and believe trust is earned.

We compassionately provide excellence in Chiropractic care faithfully assisting the body’s own inherent recuperative powers. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and begin the process of living and optimized life that is pain-free. 

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