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New Chiropractic Technologies Rochester NY

New technologies are providing symptomatic pain relief for sufferers in a variety of innovative ways

Pain is something that millions of people deal with on a daily basis, so there is a huge rush for researchers, medical professionals and scientists from all over the world to develop ground-breaking pain relief technologies.

There’s more to chiropractic care than just helping with your back, neck and joint pain. The profession has evolved since the early days of chiropractic care, with the profession becoming one of the largest in medical care today.

As many people seek-out the top chiropractors in their area to help with various physical ailments, there has been a great deal of innovation with the tools and equipment used to improve the quality of chiropractic care.

Some of the technologies we use here at Modern Chiropractic are used by the most advanced chiropractors in the world and include:

CRYOFOS™ with NRS Therapy

Here in Rochester, Modern Chiropractic uses CRYOFOS™ technology. This brand-new technology unblocks your body’s innate capacity to overcome pain and heal itself.

Neuro Reflex Stimulation (NRS) uses hyperbaric medical CO2 gas to gently apply constant pressure while delivering intense cold therapy to areas of pain. Besides pain, our bodies naturally react best to cold sensations.

Your body feels this extreme cold sensation a drastic and abrupt reduction in the surface temperature of the skin will happen. This causes a “Thermal Shock” that, when combined with the pressure from the CO2 gas will produce a variety of beneficial physiological effects using the body’s own resources to combat pain and promote healing.

The key to this groundbreaking NRS Therapy is the healing of pain through the combined effects of both extreme cooling and pressure. The pressure component of NRS Therapy allows for the treatment of pain via two pathways to the Thalamus (the pain detection section of your brain).

LiteCure™ Medical Lasers

Laser therapy has been used in the medical industry for a while as its a non-invasive technique to help reduce pain and inflammation. Here at Modern Chiropractic, we use laser therapy in replacement of pharmaceutical drugs. This advanced pain relief treatment is FDA cleared, adhere to strict ISO standards and has the ability to enable patients an alternative to prescription drugs and invasive surgery.

The specific lasers we use here in Rochester last between 5 and 10 minutes, of course depending on the condition being treated. Laser therapy treatments have to be administered directly to the skin. This is because the laser light cannot penetrate through layers of clothing. You will feel a soothing warmth as the therapy is administered and feel back to normal after as little as three treatments.

Spinal Decompression Technology

Intervertebral disc pathology is one of the most common causes of back and neck pain in North America. The discs in our spines are prone to degeneration and injury as they are compressed and twisted through daily repetitive activities.

When your intervertebral discs are damaged for any number of reasons, they rarely heal on their own as the discs are constantly under pressure. Decompression, or the reduction of pressure inside the discs, can help the transfer of fluids, nutrients and oxygen back inside the disc. This technique promotes the retraction of bulging or herniated discs which helps to eliminates your back and neck pain.

Innovation is imperative

When you visit us at Modern Chiropractic, pain relief is the ultimate goal for sufferers of chronic conditions. However, sometimes just the presence of hope is enough to get you through the day. Every day the medical industry is creating better ways to eliminate your pain, for good!

If you’re suffering from pain, come and see the team here in Rochester today.

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