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Hear from our wonderful patients!

Cynthia Cucinottaeekly at V.

I am very satisfied with the weekly adjustments I receive at Victor Advanced Chiropractic. Dr. Johnstone helps overcome some of the effects of the accumulation of “rust” in my 80-year-old joints! VAC has a knowledgeable and caring staff, and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs skeletal correction and/or maintenance.


As an older triathlete, I have struggled from time to time with a nagging leg injury. Dr. Johnstone has given me relief from the pain and has allowed me to continue to pursue my triathlon passion using ART treatments. Getting in to see Dr. Johnstone is never a long wait and within no time my training is back on track. Everyone at VAC is friendly and easy to work with.

Bridget Cicero

I can’t say enough wonderful things about VAC! I had been dealing with pain in my hip and groin which was becoming constant and preventing me from doing things I loved like yoga and making everyday movements difficult and painful. After only four heat laser treatments I was almost pain free. Dr Johnstone is amazing, knowledgeable and professional! He is dedicated to making sure I am healed completely and able to get back to yoga and strengthen the area again to prevent future issues. I am so grateful! It was 100% worth the investment!

Patrick M

I came in with severe pain in my mid back, herniated discs, after several laser treatments I now feel much better. Pain gone, with greatly Improved mobility. Very glad I decided to try vac. Thanks.

Molly M.

My experience with VAC was beyond what I had anticipated or expected. I am a competitive bodybuilder in the bikini division, and had injured myself pretty severely two weeks prior to a competition. I was in excruciating pain, and in desperate need of help. Having had a similar issue treated by a Chiropractor in the past, I sought relief with VAC. I was promptly scheduled and welcomed by Bernadette (who is the sweetest woman alive!), and was very pleased by the beautiful, clean and modern facility. The renovations are nothing short of spectacular. I was seen by Dr. Johnstone, who is professional, personable and beyond knowledgeable in his field. Being a competitor himself, I knew I was in the right hands! I was expecting to simply be “adjusted” and sent on my way (like the vast majority of Chiropractic practices), but to my surprise, I was overwhelmed by the care I received. VAC has the most up to date, cutting edge medical technology to bring a wide range of physical relief–and fast! Through Red Light Therapy, Active Release and Decompression methods, I was immediately overcome with relief and ease. I entered VAC in pain, and left as a completely different person. The care I received from Dr. Johnstone and the professionals at VAC enabled me to recover faster, better and stronger. I am beyond thankful that I found VAC, and I will be a patient for life!

Joanie Charlie R.

I love everyone at VAC. They are so friendly and professional.

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