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Hear from our wonderful patients!


Great service, very nice people, extraordinary results in just a few visits!

Andy M.

I wanted a solution that did not involve a trip to Strong ER to sit for 8 hours in the worst kind of pain. I did some research and liked the approach and technology VAC offers. I called and was immediately seen, I was barley able to move because of a sprained muscle over my hip joint. When I left the initial appointment I was in far less pain and secure that I could withstand my own weight. I walked out of there! I continued treatment for 3 weeks ( a custom treatment plan to fit my needs). By the third treatment I was over the hump and just 3 weeks later I am fully released. This is my story- my results and Dr J exceeded my expectations. I am smiling again.

Dennie L.

I am a single mom of three and my daily activities such as housework and cooking dinner was causing me much discomfort and ache in the lower back. After witnessing the many people Dr. Johnstone has helped, I allowed him to treat my complaint. He used the Class IV Deep Tissue Laser and A.R.T. which stands for Active Release Technique. Dr. Johnstone explained how the Laser and A.R.T complement each other and after about 5 sessions I felt great!!!! It has now been about a year since the treatment and I have not experienced that low backache. I am truly grateful for the pain relief, it was wonderful to find out I did not have to just live with that pain. Thanks, VAC and Dr. J!!

Seyhan Sagcan

I’ve been Dr. Johnstone’s patient since January 2015. He’s very professional and knowledgeable; I seek a custom treatment plan that includes both spinal and muscular adjustments (A.R.T. and 4th degree laser therapy). In addition to adjustments, Dr. J advises a nutritional and workout plan for people like me, who have been athletes for many years. Within a month of treatment, I noticed positive changes in my spine, muscles, and energy. After a couple of months of visits, I have better range of motion not only in my spine, but also in my chest, back, abdomen, and limbs. I rely on Dr. J and his extensive knowledge for his customized therapeutic plan. I highly recommend Victor Advanced Chiropractic for any current or past athletes in the Rochester Area.

Lillian Axe

Always adjusts me just right, Dr. Johnstone is HOT!

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