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Hear from our wonderful patients!

Rebecca B.

Dr. Ferris and his staff at Victor Advanced Chiropractic are fabulous. They are very supportive and friendly. After my first treatment at VAC I went from a 10 on the pain scale to a 3. I immediately started feeling better. Today was my 7th treatment and I can say that my pain has gone to a 1. I also started the Ideal Protein weight loss program that they offer and have lost 6 lbs. and a total of 6.5 inches in two weeks. I am so excited. I was looking for a program that would support me in my endeavor to get my life back. Instead of living for (with) the pain; I am now living for me. I’ve got my life back. Thank you Drs. Ferris and Johnstone. Your services are greatly appreciated.


They saved my vacation!
I was not going to be able to make the 14.5 hr car ride with my back the way it was. After a desperate call, they fit me in that day and with several more appointments within that week I was feeling impressively better.
All the staff at VAC are so caring and compassionate and gifted. I can’t recommend them enough.


I was suffering from severe plantar fasciitis and wanted to find an alternative therapy instead of surgery or cortisone injections. The laser therapy at Victor Advanced Chiropractic was just what I needed! The staff was extremely supportive and encouraging and I can say that I am now pain free!! I liked the fact that the staff took the time to explain the therapy and what was happening at each treatment. I would recommend Victor Advanced Chiropractic to anyone wanting a non-invasive treatment for pain.

Tom Horton

Always a good experience and reasonably priced awesome staff that’s always friendly.

Molly M.

My experience with VAC was beyond what I had anticipated or expected. I am a competitive bodybuilder in the bikini division, and had injured myself pretty severely two weeks prior to a competition. I was in excruciating pain, and in desperate need of help. Having had a similar issue treated by a Chiropractor in the past, I sought relief with VAC. I was promptly scheduled and welcomed by Bernadette (who is the sweetest woman alive!), and was very pleased by the beautiful, clean and modern facility. The renovations are nothing short of spectacular. I was seen by Dr. Johnstone, who is professional, personable and beyond knowledgeable in his field. Being a competitor himself, I knew I was in the right hands! I was expecting to simply be “adjusted” and sent on my way (like the vast majority of Chiropractic practices), but to my surprise, I was overwhelmed by the care I received. VAC has the most up to date, cutting edge medical technology to bring a wide range of physical relief–and fast! Through Red Light Therapy, Active Release and Decompression methods, I was immediately overcome with relief and ease. I entered VAC in pain, and left as a completely different person. The care I received from Dr. Johnstone and the professionals at VAC enabled me to recover faster, better and stronger. I am beyond thankful that I found VAC, and I will be a patient for life!


I was having back problems that began to challenge me from an accident and L5, L4 operation in 1974. I went to a number of potential helpers. The surgeons would not operate because they said it would only have a 20 percent success. I did chiropractic – decompression therapy, that helped but as time went on it was not long term. I did Acupuncture and it helped.
A friend had a good experience with VAC and decided to go and had 15 laser sessions. Each one gave me some improvement. I now go once a month. I can function better, sleeping, sitting standing, walking and driving.
I have had a good experience.

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