Chiro testimonials Rochester NY

Hear from our wonderful patients!

Dorothy R

I came in with severe lower back pain that was keeping me from participating in my favorite sport and most of my daily routines. At 61, I’m an avid curler and play at least 3 times and up to 8 times a week. VAC provided laser and decompression therapy over 8 weeks. I was encouraged to keep playing. I am now 90% back to normal and convinced with the suggested stretches and follow ups that 100% is right around the corner. Dr. J. and the whole staff were professional and at the same time very light-hearted and friendly. The higher cost was worth it for me and I hope whoever is reading this.

Jeanine DiBerardinis

Everyone is awesome!! Great care and so friendly.


I was having back problems that began to challenge me from a accident and L5,L4 operation in 1974 . I went to a number of potential helpers. The surgeons would not operate because they said it would only have a 20 percent success. I did chiropractic – decompression therapy,that helped but as time went on it was not long term . I did Acupuncture and it helped.
A friend had a good experience with VAC and decided to go and had 15 laser sessions,. Each one gave me some improvement. I now go once a month,. I can function better,, sleeping, sitting standing, walking and driving.
I have had a good expedience.


After many cortisone shots in my shoulder which worked for a very short time, I heard of the laser treatment at VICTOR ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC and everything changed,the pain relief has been wonderful I highly recommend the treatment and the doctors.

Tracy Terry

Now this is a Doctor of Chiropractic Care who is dedicated to his patients! His passion and knowledge shines through. Highly educated in his field and works with his patients to help explain the problem and to make certain they understand where it stems from and his recommendations as a result of the issue.
A true expert….
Beautiful office with all of the latest in Technology. You will love it!

Jen Bulkley

I had a shoulder injury from boxing for nearly 2 years. Did 2 months of physical therapy and tons of time off from training. Nothing helped. After 4 sessions of laser therapy at Victor Advanced Chiropractic I went back to training, and after some use and continued icing without additional laser treatments, I’m finally 100%! Thank you!!

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