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Hear from our wonderful patients!


Outstanding chiropractic office. I have been to many chiropractors over the years, however Victor Advanced Chiropractic is a full service step above the rest. Professional, friendly and caring staff that wants to see you get results and make sure you are on the right road to recovery.

Could not be more pleased with the office and doctors. The Adjustment Club is an amazing bargain. I have recommended many and will continue to do so.

Robert Geyer

After an initial phone, I scheduled a preliminary appointment at Victor Advanced Chiropractic. Upon arriving at the Victor facility limping on my right foot,I was welcomed by Dr. Johnstone and staff. I related the problems concerning my foot and after consultation, was offered a treatment plan. After several Laser 2 appointments, I am happy to say my pain has been greatly reduced and I no longer limp on my right foot.

Jef J.

After suffering for three months with a pinched nerve in my neck and no results with pain killers and trips to ortho Dr. I got relief with Dr.Derek at Vac and spinal decompression. I actually felt better after first treatment. Just got an adjustment and it feels great. Thanks Dr. Derek and Vac. Jeff Rogers

Susan A.

I started going to Victor Chiorpractice for chronic pain in my shoulder. The pain had become so bad that it was interfering with work and sleeping. Dr. J designed a program with me using Deep Tissue Laser and A.R.T. (Active Release Technique). I experienced improvement after the first treatment. I have regained flexibility and movement with my shoulder and able to sleep. Best of all I am not living with chronic pain! Thank you Victor Chiorpractice!


I love the team at VAC! I’ve been seeing Dr Johnstone for a few years and he’s great. He knows what problems I’ve had and he really wants to help me get better. I always really appreciate it when the team helps me out when I have a tight schedule. Thanks to everyone at VAC!!

Tricia Lall

The Best!!

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