Chiro testimonials Rochester NY

Hear from our wonderful patients!

Marie Mason

I have several lower back problems, or maybe I should say,”had”. Dr. Johnstone and staff helped my back so much. I can walk straighter and sleep better now after all my treatments. He now has given me strenghtening exercises to continue on my own. I’m very impressed with Dr. Johnstone’s knowledge, patience, and obvious concern for his patients. His complete staff has been so helpful in every way. They are always smiling and respectful to you from the minute you enter until you leave. Something you don’t find in every office. I’m so glad I went, and would highly recommend Victor Advanced Chiropractic to anyone. Thank you Dr. Johnstone!


After many cortison shots in my shoulder which worked for a very short time,I heard of the laser treatment at VICTOR ADVANCED CHIROPRACTIC and everything changed, the pain relief has been wonderful I highly reccomend the treatment and the doctors.

David C.

When I first met with Dr. J, I was only able to walk without pain if I bent forward so that I was looking at my feet. After a series of deep tissue laser treatments and chiropractic adjustments, I am now able to walk again normally without and pain.

Taylor Edwards

Dr. Johnstone, and the rest of the staff are great. They have been wonderful about explaining every step of the process and after about a month of chiropractic care and laser therapy my back and hips feel like new. I didn’t even realize how tight and sore my muscles had been before, I would definitely recommend Dr. J!

Rebecca B.

Dr. Ferris and his staff at Victor Advanced Chiropractic are fabulous. They are very supportive and friendly. After my first treatment at VAC I went from a 10 on the pain scale to a 3. I immediately started feeling better. Today was my 7th treatment and I can say that my pain has gone to a 1. I also started the Ideal Protein weight loss program that they offer and have lost 6 lbs. and a total of 6.5 inches in two weeks. I am so excited. I was looking for a program that would support me in my endeavor to get my life back. Instead of living for (with) the pain; I am now living for me. I’ve got my life back. Thank you Drs. Ferris and Johnstone. Your services are greatly appreciated.

Patrick L.

I am very happy with the service I received from Dr. Johnstone. He is an exceptional doctor and I highly recommend him for anyone wanting results.

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