What Makes Chiropractic Different?

What Makes Chiropractic Different?

Chiropractic Treatment is widely considered an alternative treatment to traditional medical care.

Chiropractic care differs from traditional medical treatment. For chiropractors, the primary focus remains on the integrity of your nervous system. Here’s some differences you will experience by choosing chiropractic care.

It’s all about you

While medicine is interested in the problem in the person, chiropractic is interested in the person with the problem. Unlike medicine, chiropractic does not aim to treat your symptoms, instead, our objective is to reduce the underlying cause of your symptoms. As the cause is reduced your body no longer needs to sound alarming bells and you will begin to feel better. This difference has allowed chiropractic to thrive and stand beside medicine as a separate and distinct healing art. In this sense, your chiropractor will look at the whole picture.

The bigger picture

Unlike other types of doctors, chiropractors thoroughly investigate your body’s structure and pay close attention to your spinal alignment. We do not allow smaller details to cause us to lose sight of the big picture. You may find your chiropractor asking you about what you eat, your activity level if you have kids, and how you deal with stress. We do this because all of these factors affect your health and your health matters to us. We are not looking to settle for covering up symptoms with medicine. Our goal is to determine how to genuinely improve your overall health through chiropractic treatments.

How chiropractors think

To understand the ways in which chiropractors are different, it is helpful to understand our way of thinking. Doctors of chiropractic are taught that subluxations are one of the main causes of pain and disease. Subluxation refers to a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems. Chiropractors believe that these misalignments can cause pain, muscle spasms, nerve irritation, and numerous other ill effects that impact the patient’s body. When undergoing chiropractic care, these subluxations are removed or reduced through adjustments of the spinal column and extremities. This helps your body return to a state of normal working order.

The main takeaway is that chiropractic concerns itself with your overall health and wellness. In this sense, opting for chiropractic care can result in an improvement in your quality of life.

The Modern Chiropractic and Pain Relief Difference


Here at Modern Chiropractic and Pain relief, not only do we offer a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing, but we do so with an edge. We pride ourselves in taking advantage of modern technology in our practice. Hence our name “Modern Chiropractic”

Our practice incorporates laser technology into our treatments. By providing laser therapy to our patients, we can be more targeted in our treatment of pain as well as deliver faster and more effective results.

As mentioned before, chiropractic favours the ideology that drug-free treatment is both possible and effective, and we have seen this time and again with our use of lasers.

Our laser technology has been the drug-free answer to treating a variety of aches, pains and ailments ranging from hamstring tears to sciatica.

To find out more about how we use lasers to enhance the treatment provided at our chiropractic practice, click here: Laser Therapy

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