What are the 5 Components of Health and Wellness?

What are the 5 Components of Health and Wellness?

The beginning of the year is a really good time to assess your health and make improvements so you can be in your best shape. But the key thing about health is that it isn’t only about your body or your fitness, it’s also about how you feel and your cognitive function.

This is why health has to be a full picture thing, a consideration that has to encompass the many aspects of your life and integrating them so that you have health on a holistic level. There are key areas that you should be paying attention to in order to achieve this full picture of health. These are the 5 components of health and wellness:

1.   Physical Health

This is the aspect of health and wellness that gets the most attention, but physical health isn’t just about being fit and having a good-looking body. It’s also about making sure you’re feeding your body nutritious foods, hydrating your body, to ensure you’re incorporating regular physical movement into your routine, and also that you’re giving your body adequate sleep.

For example, someone can be fit and have the best form in the gym, but if they are consuming too much junk food and getting very little sleep, that’s bad physical health. Physical health also contributes to your immune system. People are always wondering how to strengthen your immune system naturally, and as long as you’re taking care of your physical health, your immune system will always follow.

2.   Bone Health

Strong bones support strong bodies, so paying attention to the overall health of your bones and skeletal system is also important. When you have low bone density, you become more susceptible to bone breaks and fractures. The health of your bones also has an impact on how well you perform other functions like weightlifting.

How to Increase Bone Health:

  • Eat a diet that’s high in calcium to prevent bone loss.
  • Include regular weightlifting in your exercise routine.
  • Take supplements to boost the strength of your bones including vitamin D.

3.   Emotional and Mental Health

How we feel is a very important part of our health. It impacts how we relate with ourselves and other people, and generally our motivation, self-awareness and outlook on life. People with great emotional health tend to be more successful because they are better able to cope with and overcome challenges.

4.   Relational Health

The health of our relationships is a very important aspect of our wellness that’s often overlooked. However successful we are, if our family life suffers, it’s just not worth it. Whether it’s a romantic partnership, children or friends, we are healthier when we have a strong support system and people, we enjoy spending time with.

5.   Financial Health

Financial health matters and people often forget about it. When we have financial strain and stress it causes havoc in other areas of our lives. It creates stress and often depression. Being in debt also robs you of long-term financial freedom and a better lifestyle. Making great financial decisions, saving money and staying out of debt is a big part of us taking care of ourselves.

If your goal is to live a life that’s healthy in every sense of the word, it’s important to have a team of health professionals helping you out. If you have any questions for us to don’t hesitate to contact us.


The information presented in this article is a guide only and does not substitute for health professional consultation. Any symptom that is of a persistent nature should be thoroughly assessed by your qualified health care practitioner.

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