How To Improve Flexibility

How To Improve Flexibility

One of the inevitable side effects of getting older is that our bodies start to lose their flexibility, and we start to experience joint aches and pain and experience a decrease in the range of motion of many of our limbs. For younger people, flexibility is something that comes naturally but as you age, it becomes something we need to work on and improve. Being flexible reduces our risk of injury, and it actually makes it easier for us to perform better in many aspects of our lives, including the gym, movement and exercise. So how do you improve your flexibility, and how does it benefit your body? Read on to find out.

Signs Your Body Isn’t Flexible

  • Posture issues like pain and tension when you try and sit/stand up straight.
  • Simple stretches like bending down and touching your toes or a hip stretch results in pain and discomfort.
  • Muscle stiffness and tightness even without a lot of movement.
  • Your muscles tire quickly when you work out.
  • Struggling with tasks like reaching up to get something on a shelf.

Ways to Improve Your Flexibility

You don’t have to be a gymnast to need more flexibility in your body. Having a flexible body is essential to our overall health and wellness, and helps us improve the functionality of our bodies. There’s no quick fix to improving your flexibility, just like exercising to maintain a healthy body, it’s a daily commitment and practises that needs to be part of your general health and wellness routine. How does yoga improve flexibility There are many ways to improve your flexibility, mainly stretching, yoga, and chiropractic adjustments

How Does Yoga Improve Flexibility?

Yoga is a safe way for you to increase your body’s range of motion. It allows you to expand how far your body can stretch using poses that also won’t do any harm to your spine and other joints and parts of your body.

How Does Stretching Increase Flexibility?

One of the reasons that our bodies become inflexible actually has a lot to do with the lifestyle we lead. Most of us spend the majority of our days sitting behind a desk, leaning into a computer or phone screen. This impacts our flexibility. Stretching helps to counteract the stiffness our bodies experience by making sure our limbs and joints aren’t stuck in one position all the time.

How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Increase Flexibility?

A chiropractor can help you improve your flexibility by taking your body through stretches that expand your range of motion, mobility and help to counteract the effects of how we sit. This allows you to reduce the amount of pressure on your joints so that your body is less prone to injury.


If you’re interested in getting a chiropractic adjustment don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we can help you improve your alignment and overall health.

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