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Will Isaac Irizarry

Simply Amazing!! I was suffering from a Strained Achilles for years. With cutting edge technology and advanced treatment techniques it took 12 sessions to get my Achilles fully healed properly. Huge thanks goes out to Dr. Ferris, Dr, Johnstone and the staff there were all awesome during the treatment process. I recommend anyone to check them out.

Ken S.

From the first time I walked into Victor Advanced Chiropractic up to and including today,I’ve been in one of the most odd ways that I have ever had in going to a doctor. The first day I was greeted by Denny at the front desk and it was all over. Denny’s attention to detail and follow up have been 2nd to none and to make it better she has a sparkling personality,always smiling and laughing and making new or potential customers feel very comfortable. Then there’s the rest of the staff. I was paired with Dr. Derek(Dr.J) Johnstone and he did the exam and explained all of my options to me. I won’t say that I didn’t get sticker shock but once they explained all of the services that they would be offering,it helped me to understand their reasoning for their charges. After signing up and getting my evaluation Dr. J. and Casey his teammate went over the course of treatment with me and explained to me all of the procedures they would be doing to help me out. On my first treatment I was very cheerfully greeted by both Denny And Casey. Casey took me back to start my treatments. If anyone ever told me that I could have this much fun going to the doctors I would’ve told them to have their head examined. Casey is great. She has a very calming and mellow disposition. Don’t let that fool you,she’s a real spitfire and talks to everyone like she’s known them for years. All the while doing her treatments in a very professional manner. One of the things that impressed me most was how it didn’t matter what time or day it was when I went in for my treatments everyone knew exactly where I was in my treatment and what needed to be done next. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention NY Weight loss. Tina and Amanda are awesome. The whole time I was getting my treatments I would listen to them interact with their clients. The true interest and caring are very easily picked up in the enthusiasm of their voices and actions in communicating with both new and existing customers. In summarizing my choice to use Victor Advanced Chiropractic was without a doubt the best decision for my back I could have ever made. To look back and think of all of the pain I endured for 20+ years and in 8 weeks of my treatment I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good and without the pain I am looking forward to getting back into the active lifestyle I so much enjoy. In saving the best for last I want to tell you about Dr. Ferris himself. Dr. Ferris is definitely a REAL person. There was not a time that I went in the office to get my treatments that he did not take time (yes real time) to talk with you and make sure that the treatments I was receiving were working for me and that I was being treated professionally by his staff. My experience with Victor Advanced Chiropractic was a out of a 1-10 scale I would rank them a very strong 9 and that’s only because I don’t give out tens! I am grateful to Dr. Ferris and his staff for the tremendous care they took of me all the while making me feel just like one of them in the process. I’m sure if you trust them and work with them ,you’ll be giving a glowing recommendations just like I am. Thanks again! Ken Sousa Owner: Utopia Home Care Victor NY.

Tricia Lall

The Best!!

Alana Surace

This place is amazing. I was a 17 year old athlete with chronic back pain, whom thought surgery would be the only option, until I came to Victor Advanced Chiropractic. In just a few visits, I no longer had any pain in my back or legs (I had a herniated disk into my right leg). After those two weeks of treatment, I never had back pain again and it’s been almost 4 years and I still have no pain. Not only is the method amazing, but the team here is too. Dr Johnstone completely changed my way of life and I am forever grateful for this place!

Melanie Smith Wright

VAC has helped me experience life without pain!! Both Dr. Ferris and Dr. Johnstone are professional and caring. The whole staff care about you as a whole not just as a patient.

Christina Cocuzzi Borrelli

I am not done with treatments yet, but they r certainly helping. I was so uncomfortable when I first came in and at least now I can straighten up. Looking forward to my next treatments.

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