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Hear from our wonderful patients!

M Johnsons

Thank you Victor Advanced Chiropractic – I was introduced to Victor Advanced Chiropractic by an ad I saw in the Democrat and Chronicle. For 6 months, I have been experiencing pain in my hip without any relief. The pain was so severe that I was unable to go up and downstairs, go for long walks (which I love to do!), and it was affecting the quality of my life. I knew I didn’t want to do medication, cortisone injections or surgery. However, I was desperate for an answer and for relief from the pain.
I am so happy to have found Victor Advanced Chiropractic. They provided me with a pain-free/medication-free alternative to surgery. After 10 Deep Tissue Laser treatments, I am pain-FREE! I am now able to do all the things I love to do but without the pain! The staff at Victor Advanced Chiropractic is incredible. I always enjoyed coming in for my treatments done. I also think the world of Dr. Luckey!
Thank you!

Ivey C.

Herniated disk….!!!! This thing has been destroying my “life” for more than 10 yrs! I haven’t been able to stand up straight for months!!!! The pain WAS to much. My wife found Victor Advanced Chiropractic and we went there. They took x-rays first & gave me a complimentary free treatment! THIS PLACE WORKS!!!!! UNLIKE ANY OTHER QUACK CRACK SHOP, and I tried several. I can now stand up straight, sit, walk, bend over and move after only 2 treatment without excruciating pain. I can even smile now. I was seriously considering surgery, losing my job, enduring even more pain and facing a 25% chance of being wheelchair-bound the rest of my life. This was from a Medical primary care Dr. and it sucked! Dr J. is my new god! Give them a chance before you go under the knife. You owe it to yourself!


I was suffering from severe plantar fasciitis and wanted to find an alternative therapy instead of surgery or cortisone injections. The laser therapy at Victor Advanced Chiropractic was just what I needed! The staff was extremely supportive and encouraging and I can say that I am now pain free!! I liked the fact that the staff took the time to explain the therapy and what was happening at each treatment. I would recommend Victor Advanced Chiropractic to anyone wanting a non-invasive treatment for pain.

R. Filowick

I had been experiencing severe back and hip pain for 15-20 years. I had tried everything under the sun without any success and I was starting to lose hope. On top of that, my pain was so debilitating that I was gaining weight due to being inactive. The pain was really impacting my life. My hope was finally restored when I found Victor Advanced Chiropractic. After completing my Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression treatment plan, I am now completely pain-FREE. Just the other day, I was able to walk down two flights of stairs for the first time in 15 years. I was especially impressed with the staff. Dr. Luckey was so compassionate, professional and informative. Dr. Ferris even took such an interest in me and he wasn’t even the doctor assigned to my case! They provide such a professional yet “family-like” atmosphere. They truly care about each individual patient that walks through their door! Thank you so much Dr. Luckey, Dr. Ferris and staff!!

Kenneth Ingersoll

The staff are very friendly and the practitioners are knowledgeable! I trust that I will get top-notch care whenever I visit!

Jim L.

The doctors and staff are very professional and truly care about me. Appointments are convenient and easily booked into my schedule. I’ve been going to Victor Advanced Chiropractic for several months. They actually care about making me feel better. The office staff are incredibly professional and friendly. I have definitely seen progress on my back pain since seeing Dr. Ferris. I can’t say enough good things about Victor Advanced Chiropractic!

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