Chiro testimonials Rochester NY

Hear from our wonderful patients!

Seyhan Sagcan

I’ve been Dr. Johnstone’s patient since January 2015. He’s very professional and knowledgeable; I seek a custom treatment plan that includes both spinal and muscular adjustments (A.R.T. and 4th degree laser therapy). In addition to adjustments, Dr. J advises a nutritional and workout plan for people like me, who have been athletes for many years. Within a month of treatment, I noticed positive changes in my spine, muscles, and energy. After a couple of months of visits, I have better range of motion not only in my spine, but also in my chest, back, abdomen, and limbs. I rely on Dr. J and his extensive knowledge for his customized therapeutic plan. I highly recommend Victor Advanced Chiropractic for any current or past athletes in the Rochester Area.


They saved my vacation!
I was not going to be able to make the 14.5 hr car ride with my back the way it was. After a desperate call, they fit me in that day and with several more appointments within that week I was feeling impressively better.
All the staff at VAC are so caring and compassionate and gifted. I can’t recommend them enough.


Over the past decade, I have had lots of pain and stiffness in my lower lumbar due to a herniated disk. I decided to look into the laser spine institute, which they performed an in evasive surgery in hopes that it would resolve my pain and stiffness. While the surgery did a great job I still had pain. This is when we came across Victor Advanced Chiropractic. Not only was I treated as one of their own but their treatment worked! Even after my surgery, I was unable to stand or sit for more than an hour. Since treatment at Victor Advanced Chiropractic, I went from 50% pain and stiffness to about 5% pain and stiffness. I am extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend that anyone with a neck or back injury to go into this establishment and get your consultation! By far the smartest decision I have made in regarding my back pain! Thank you so much!

Chris Sweet

Dr. Johnstone is tha man! I was new to chiropractic health a couple of months ago but decided to check it out due to some dull nagging lower back pain. Dr. J educated me on the source of my discomfort and on what I could do to help correct it… He added A few weekly adjustments and I was pain-free with decreased anterior pelvic rotation. Now I see Dr. J once a month to ensure I keep loose. I highly recommend the provider and this establishment.

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