Chiro testimonials Rochester NY

Hear from our wonderful patients!

Johanna V.

When I came in to see Dr. J, I could not turn my head in either direction without turning my whole body. I was quickly diagnosed and a plan was suggested to remedy my poor range of motion. Voila! Here I am several treatments later and my range of motion has returned to just about normal…the office is so friendly, helpful and always concerned. I would highly recommend Dr J and the team!

Marie Mason

I have several lower back problems, or maybe I should say,”had”. Dr. Johnstone and staff helped my back so much. I can walk straighter and sleep better now after all my treatments. He now has given me strenghtening exercises to continue on my own. I’m very impressed with Dr. Johnstone’s knowledge, patience, and obvious concern for his patients. His complete staff has been so helpful in every way. They are always smiling and respectful to you from the minute you enter until you leave. Something you don’t find in every office. I’m so glad I went, and would highly recommend Victor Advanced Chiropractic to anyone. Thank you Dr. Johnstone!


Four years ago I walked (barely) into VAC with a diagnosis of spinal stenosis and two bulging disc. Cortisone shots had stopped working, and on the advice of my spinal doctor, I turned to chiropractic medicine. The pain radiated from the base of my spine, down the back of my right leg to my ankle. After many laser treatments and adjustments over the past four years, the pain is much more manageable and stops just below the back of my knee. Definitely progress!

Alana Surace

This place is amazing. I was a 17 year old athlete with chronic back pain, whom thought surgery would be the only option, until I came to Victor Advanced Chiropractic. In just a few visits, I no longer had any pain in my back or legs (I had a herniated disk into my right leg). After those two weeks of treatment, I never had back pain again and it’s been almost 4 years and I still have no pain. Not only is the method amazing, but the team here is too. Dr Johnstone completely changed my way of life and I am forever grateful for this place!

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